Advice to first time home buyers in Mississauga

You’ve have spent hours, looking MLS Mississauga listings looking for the perfect home. Out of all the homes listed in MLS, you finally find your dream house. Before you can go ahead and purchase the home, there are some factors to put into consideration in order to make the process easier. If it’s your first time purchasing a home, the process can be nerve wracking and thrilling at the same time. Although the learning process can prove to be hard, you can manage to resolve most issues by conducting a bit of financial homework. Here are some steps to ensure the process goes on smoothly:

  1. Find out the deposit required to purchase a house

Before you start looking for properties, it is important to save for the deposit. Most properties will require a deposit of around 5% to 25% of the actual price. Therefore, if you are looking to buy a house worth $150,000, you will have to save around $7,500. If you save more than the 5%, you will be in a position to apply for a wide range of cheap mortgages.

  1. Ensure that you can afford the monthly repayments

Owning a dream home is a great idea. However, you should be in a position to pay the required amount monthly. Consider putting up a budget prior looking for a house. Usually, there are strict checks during mortgage application. Lenders will want to know whether you can make your mortgage payments comfortably every month. In addition, they will check whether you can be able to make your monthly payments in case the interest rates went up. This is why your lender will need prove of your income.

  1. Budget for additional home buying costs

Besides monthly mortgage payments, some additional costs are involved with home buying. These may include

  • Survey cost
  • Solicitor fee
  • Valuation and mortgage arrangement fees
  • Removal costs
  • Buildings insurance
  • Initial decorating and furnishing costs
  • Finding a mortgage

The process of application

No matter the mortgage plan you settle for, you will need to convince your lender that you can afford the payments if by any chance your financial circumstances changed or the interest rates went up. The lender will need to see a prove of your income, any outgoings, including household bills, debts among other costs of living such as travel costs, childcare and clothing. You may be required to produce your bank statements and pay slips to prove your financial ability.

Guarantor mortgage

If you are facing difficulties to purchase your first house, consider going for a guarantor mortgage. This mortgage means that your guardian, close relative or parent agrees to make your monthly mortgage payments in the event you became unable to do so. This mortgage should be taken with the seriousness it deserves just like any other mortgage type. Your guarantor should be willing and ready to make payments on your behalf if you got into financial difficulties.


Buying a house for the first time in Mississauga requires you to have some basic information about home ownership. Since there are numerous mortgage deals to choose from, choosing the best deal that suits your needs can be tricky. Therefore, it is prudent to conduct some research and maybe inquire from professionals including mortgage brokers. They will help you decide the best mortgage deal to go for and help you make informed decisions.